Ranger P2 is a long-endurance electric unmanned helicopter,
with a unique modular design, the whole machine can be disassembled.


Ranger P2 is a long-endurance electric unmanned helicopter,flight duration reach 90min,endurance more than 80km.It uses Aerolution's latest data link,with a control distance of up to 80km and an image transmission of 50km.With a unique modular design,the whole machine can be disassembled,and the fast interface can quickly switch between different task modules.With the motive module can take off and land on the mobile platform.Wheher it is long-distance cruise monitoring or mapping applications,a wide range of tasks can be achieved.

  • Size
  • 1700x250x400 mm
  • Without main rotor
  • Maximum takeoff weight
  • 14 kg
  • Plain data
  • Net weight
  • 5 kg
  • -
  • Standard working load
  • 1.5 kg
  • -
  • Cruising speed
  • 80 km/h
  • Maximum 150km/h
  • Flighting duration
  • 90 min
  • Standard photo head
  • Wind resistance
  • 7
  • 17m/s
  • Using altitude
  • 6500 m
  • Limited to legal height
  • Operating temperature
  • -20~55 ℃
  • -

Modular Design   Quick disassembly

Ranger P2 adopts the quick disassembly modular design,
which caneasily disassemble the nearly 2memters body into 4 modules.
The total weight 5kg. It can be packed in a bag and moves on foot to perform tasks,
which brings more convenient experience for filed work.

High expansibility,Customized task mounting

Aerolution 800 series unmanned helicopter with high scalability and versatility, Customized mounting according to different task modules, providing multiple communication interfaces,Meet a variety of professional image acquisition,Information transmission, data processing and other task requirements.

Multiple Payloads   Flexible Match

The payloads are available in a variety of options,including 30x visible light payload,infrared thermal imaging dual light payload andother equipment.


Route Planning Operation Case v2.0

Aerolution GCS supports route planning operations,Customized route planning can be completed on the operator interface and sent to the aircraft,The aircraft will receive the mission and begin execution.

Hover Test in Snow v1.0

RANGER has excellent environmental adaptability, the use temperature of the model design is -20~55°C, it can perform missions in extremely cold conditions such as ice and high altitude.

Xinjiang Cloud Flight v1.0

RANGER has the ability to work at high altitudes,the altitude verified by the Ministry of Public Security is 5,100 meters.

High temperature autonomous route flight v1.0

In the summer of 2016, RANGER conducted an autonomous flight test at a temperature of 47°C in Flaming Mountains,Xinjiang.

Low temperature autonomous landing in snow v1.0

RANGER has excellent environmental adaptability, Even at -10°C,the overall avionics system can work properly.