RANGER gives full play to Long-Haul Flight Performance of the ZY-800 series
The main body is made of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy,
In the effective reduction of body weight, while maintaining the advantages
of high strength, high temperature and fatigue resistance.


Ranger has the configuration of tri-redundancy Aerolution fighting controller, HD digital graphic transmission and intelligent avionics system. So it can support mission planning of ground station and a variety of industrial pod and other load mounting, providing safe and stable intelligent flight platform for various industries applications.

  • Size
  • 1750x420x465 mm
  • Without main rotor
  • Maximum takeoff weight
  • 23 kg
  • Plain data
  • Net weight
  • 8.8 kg
  • -
  • Standard working load
  • 3 kg
  • -
  • Cruising speed
  • 80-100 km/h
  • Maximum 150km/h
  • Flighting duration
  • 60 min
  • Without payload
  • Wind resistance
  • 7
  • 17m/s
  • Using altitude
  • ≥5100 m
  • Limited to legal height
  • Operating temperature
  • -20~55 ℃
  • -

Quick response,60mins Steady endurance

RANGER the whole machine is made of all-composite materials,light weight,flexible movement,maximum cruise speed 100km/h,
Vertical climb speed 15km/h,It can be take off within 2 mins,Arrived at mission location within five minutes.
Using electric engine to provide stable and lasting power, Sustainable operation for 60 minutes, featuring high response speed and high
endurance,Sustainable operation for 60 minutes, featuring high response speed and high endurance.

High expansibility,Customized task mounting

Aerolution 800 series unmanned helicopter with high scalability and versatility, Customized mounting according to different task modules, providing multiple communication interfaces,Meet a variety of professional image acquisition,Information transmission, data processing and other task requirements.

Route planning automatic flight

Functional requirements for different tasks,Flying geography, designing different flight routes through ground stations,Unmanned helicopters fly autonomously according to planned missions. There is no need for excessive human intervention during the flight to increase the flight efficiency of practical missions with the characteristics of reliability, intelligence and easy to use.


Route Planning Operation Case v2.0

Aerolution GCS supports route planning operations,Customized route planning can be completed on the operator interface and sent to the aircraft,The aircraft will receive the mission and begin execution.

Hover Test in Snow v1.0

RANGER has excellent environmental adaptability, the use temperature of the model design is -20~55°C, it can perform missions in extremely cold conditions such as ice and high altitude.

Xinjiang Cloud Flight v1.0

RANGER has the ability to work at high altitudes,the altitude verified by the Ministry of Public Security is 5,100 meters.

High temperature autonomous route flight v1.0

In the summer of 2016, RANGER conducted an autonomous flight test at a temperature of 47°C in Flaming Mountains,Xinjiang.

Low temperature autonomous landing in snow v1.0

RANGER has excellent environmental adaptability, Even at -10°C,the overall avionics system can work properly.