INFILTRATOR is an integrated unmanned helicopter.
It is mainly used for ground attack, counter-terrorism maintenance,
special operations, and clustered operations.


INFILTRATOR is a multifunctional Reconnaissance/ Strike drone. It has the characteristics, such as quiet flight, fast flying speed, long fighting time, Technical maturity and stable performance and so on. Its has good environmental adaptability and flight capability for emergent missions. And it can be adapted for different applications, such as rapid modularization to achieve ground attack, anti-terrorism stability, special operations, clustered operations and other functions.

  • Size
  • 1800x490x600 mm
  • Without main rotor
  • Maximum takeoff weight
  • 26 kg
  • Plain data
  • Net weight
  • 8.6 kg
  • -
  • Standard working load
  • 8 kg
  • Two 40mm rockets
  • Crusing speed
  • 80-120 km/h
  • Maximum 150km/h
  • Flighting duration
  • ≥60 min
  • Payload within 1KG
  • Wind resistance
  • 7
  • 17m/s
  • Using altitude
  • ≥5100 m
  • Limited to legal height
  • Operating temperature
  • -20~55 ℃
  • -
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Modular design,Adapt to complex environments

INFILTRATOR is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar composite materials, light weight, high strength, and strong environmental adaptability.
Can fly and hover steadily in a variety of complex geographical environments, with low battery alarm, forced landing, protection and automatic return function.

Tracking and positioning,Precise operation

INFILTRATOR is characterized by quiet flight, fast flying speed, fast climbing speed, long life time, and maturity and stability.Positioning tracking, motion capture, and locking target accuracy can be used to switch users between autonomous, FPV, and remote control modes to complete a variety of tasks.

High-performance mounting, high-definition real-time image transmission

High-performance payload system with PTZ camera and weapon equipment,Achieve reconnaissance, Combat functional integration.
High-definition real-time image transmission and data transmission, transmission distance of more than 20 kilometers,
effectively provide target area information and improve detection efficiency.


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