BLOWFISH Ⅰ is a large-capacity unmanned helicopter

Standard working load 7~18 kg,Equipped with intelligent throwing
device and stable mounting and one-click throw.


Blowfish Ⅰ is a multifunctional and universal unmanned helicopter. It can hover and fight stably in ultra-low altitude to medium-altitude environment, complex geography and weather conditions. Besides, it has low-battery condition alarm, protection and automatic return functions, which improves unmanned helicopter emergency handling capacity and safety performance.

  • Size
  • 1755x490x620 mm
  • Without main rotor
  • Maximum takeoff weight
  • 28-50 kg
  • plain data
  • Net weight
  • 9.5-12 kg
  • -
  • Standard working load
  • 7-18 kg
  • -
  • Cruising speed
  • 70-90 km/h
  • Maximum 145km/h
  • Flighting duration
  • 45-60 min
  • -
  • Wind resistance
  • 7
  • 17m/s
  • Using altitude
  • ≥5100 m
  • Limited to legal height
  • Operating temperature
  • -20~55 ℃
  • -

Fixed-point casting,Efficient task execution

BLOWFISH standard working load 7-18 kg, Equipped with intelligent throwing device, suitable for fast logistics such as small parcels, emergency supplies, emergency drugs and so on, good at stable mounting, One-click toss can be hovered at any time, and complete fixed-point delivery between 50 and 500 meters above the target area.

High adaptability,Safe and reliable

Ziyan 800 series unmanned helicopters have autonomous landing and landing capabilities and diversified modules to assist GPS positioning. Strong environmental adaptability, can complete tasks under severe conditions such as 7-level wind power,moderate rain and so on. And with out-of-control protection, one-click return.

Two load types,15kg maximum load adaptation

BLOWFISH II provides the user with a stronger load capacity —— BLOWFISH Extended version, adaptation load 7~15 kg mission scenario, Meet the needs of more kinds of goods transportation, Users can choose different load capacity BLOWFISH according to actual transportation needs.


BLOWFISH power line demonstration v2.0

BLOWFISH is equipped with a high-weight Lidar for power line inspection and produce high-quality 3D terrain images.

BLOWFISH equipped with 7KG,20KM shot record v1.0

With excellent performance ratio,BLOWFISH able to complete the flight carrying 7KG and 20KM Material Handling Task.

Aerolution unmanned helicopter conception v1.0

Aerolution unmanned helicopter introduction v1.0

Aerolution unmanned helicopter tactic scene v1.0